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Sylvester is an exuberant and affectionate dog who is overflowing with love for his people. He has boundless energy and thrives on being active and engaged with his human companions. Sylvester is looking for a forever home where he can spend most of his time with his people, as he experiences separation anxiety when left alone.

Due to his energetic nature, Sylvester can be a bit of an escape artist. His ideal home will need secure fencing and a commitment to recall training to ensure he stays safe and secure. Despite his knack for exploration, Sylvester’s heart truly belongs to his family, and he craves their presence and attention.

Sylvester’s love for physical activities knows no bounds-he enjoys running, playing fetch, swimming, and any other form of exercise that keeps him on the move. He would thrive in a home where he can partake in these activities regularly to channel his energy in positive ways.

This active boy gets along well with other dogs and would be delighted to join a new pack at home. He thrives on companionship and enjoys the company of canine friends.

If you’re ready to welcome a high-energy and loving companion into your life, Sylvester could be the perfect match for you. With his affectionate demeanor and zest for life, Sylvester promises to bring joy and adventure to your home every day.

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