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Meet Tom *adoption Pending

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Meet Tom and his forest Sprite! 💕🧚‍♂️

Tom is an older gentleman who prides himself on his gentle, calm and affectionate demeanor. He is quite confident in new situations and seems to know how to suck people in with his beautiful eyes and a soft purr. We knew when he came into our care that he was good with other cats, so we paired him with our sweet girl Sprite to see if it would make her more comfortable in her new environment. The day we put the two together, Sprite quickly latched herself on to Tom, and now he can’t seem to have a moment without her. Either Sprite is on Toms shoulder, or Tom is protecting Sprite and completely covering her small frame, which she clearly doesn’t mind.

While we weren’t concerned about Tom having anxiety in the shelter, Sprite was a different story at first. Now that she has turned herself into Tom’s shadow, she’s been opening up a lot to staff and becoming a lot more at ease. In adopting this bonded pair, you can get the best of both worlds. Tom’s attention seeking, snuggle-bug personality, will give you the true cat experience while the trust and companionship of helping Sprite grow into a well adjusted cat will form a unique and special bond between all involved.

If you’re interested in adopting this wonderful pair, apply online today!

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Are you ready to adopt Tom *adoption Pending?

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