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Inquisitive and entertaining, Snowball and Wolf are ready to spruce up your daily routine with their playful antics.

Chinchilla’s are so much more than their small puff ball exterior. They are intelligent, active, clean, and a touch mischievous. Did you know that chinchilla’s enjoy daily greens, on top of their regular hay and pellet diet? Snowball and Wolf in particular love a variety of fruits and veggies, such as; apples, strawberry, banana, cauliflower, parsley, and carrots.

While these two boys may be entering their senior years, they don’t seem to know any different! They bounce around and run on their wheel, just as they did in their youth. Both of them use their space well, exploring new items, playing with toys, and completing puzzles. They are interested in human interaction, and are not shy to seek you out when it’s social time.

Snowball and Wolf are looking for a home dedicated to their care and enrichment, and able to offer them the fun they crave. Inquire about these special little creatures today, at or 604.485.9252

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