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Meet Ellie (& Tigger)

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Meet Ellie and Tigger, a delightful duo of bonded sisters who are as charming as they are cherubic. These lovely ladies are both 9 years old and have shared a lifetime of love and companionship that they’re eager to continue in their new forever home.

Ellie is the more playful of the pair, often initiating games and sporting a mischievous streak when it comes to toy time. She loves to chase feather wands and roll around with jingly balls, igniting bouts of the zoomies that might just inspire Tigger to join in! While Tigger is slightly more reserved, she shares Ellie’s affectionate nature and enjoys the gentler side of play, often watching Ellie’s antics with amused eyes before joining the fun herself.

Both Ellie and Tigger are a tad on the plump side, and while they’re irresistibly cuddly, they are on a journey to become more svelte and healthy. A bit of playtime goes a long way with these two, especially since Ellie often leads the charge with bursts of youthful energy.

These indoor-only ladies have always lived inside and would like to keep it that way. Their ideal home would be one where they can safely explore and lounge without worries of the outside world. They’re looking for a family who appreciates the joy and vibrancy seniors can bring, along with the quiet and comforting presence they offer.

If you’re looking for a pair of loving, playful companions who can fill your home with affection and amusement, Ellie and Tigger would be thrilled to meet you. They promise to provide endless love, laughter, and loyalty, all in exchange for a cozy corner and a heartfelt connection. Come meet these beautiful sisters and let their sweet spirits charm their way into your life!

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