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Soro, a resilient 2-year-old shepherd mix, entered our shelter on July 22nd, 2023, bearing extensive and harrowing wounds to his chest, chin, and underarms. Despite the unknown origins of his injuries, Soro initially harbored distrust and fear towards people. The path to recovery was arduous, involving numerous surgeries and sedations by our local veterinary team to address the wounds. The challenging location of the injuries made sutures impossible, compelling us to rely on the hope that Soro’s own body could bridge the gaps in torn flesh with the aid of diligent bandaging.

Throughout months of healing, Soro bravely bore a sizable, open wound on his chest. Despite his lingering mistrust of humans, he selectively allowed a chosen few staff members to assist in dressing his wounds and providing daily care. As the physical wounds mended, Soro’s true personality began to emerge, revealing the joyful and loving dog that had been concealed beneath layers of fear and pain.

Now, nearly six months later, the incredible journey of Soro’s recovery is evident in the mere traces of scars that remain. His story is a testament to resilience, the healing power of care, and the transformative capacity for joy even in the face of past trauma. Soro stands as an inspiring example of triumph over adversity and the boundless capacity for healing that exists within every living being.

Soro is now ready for a home, and he-as well as the staff- are so excited to see him in his new Forever Family!

Soro is a big dog, and requires lots of room to run. Found as a stray, we know he exhibits wandering tendencies, and will require a proper containment plan for being outside. Being cooped up in shelter has been tough for him, and he’s more than ready to be your new running buddy/hiking companion.

Soro is a very friendly dog, although touching some areas can bring back bad memories of his painful past. His ideal home would be one where they’re able to respect his personal boundaries as he learns to trust and thrive in a home environment.

Since coming into care, Soro has learned the first steps in trusting people, and has been able to open up and express himself for the first time. With his blooming personality, staff have seen Soro grow into a courageous and outgoing dog with so much love to give. He’s adept to learning new tricks (especially when there’s food involved), and giving kisses to everybody he meets. Since his training took a backseat to his healing, Soro has become a little spoiled. He believes the world belongs to him (and it does!), but is quickly picking up more manners by the day. Now, this brave pup is ready to take on the world once more, and is hoping to find his Forever Family along the way!

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About Me

  • Days in care: 226
  • Approximate age: 2 years old
  • Pet Type: Dog
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Colour: Tan / Black Brown
  • Approximate Size: Extra Large
  • Weight: 37.6 kg
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: BC SPCA South Peace, Dawson Creek B.C.
  • Animal ID: 575236
  • Spay or neuter surgery is included with the adoption of all dogs, cats and rabbits.
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