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Meet the enchanting Nutmeg, a delightful female guinea pig with a heart as sweet as her endearing squeaks. Nutmeg is on the lookout for a loving forever home where she can share her affectionate nature and adorable antics. This little ball of fur has a love for veggies that’s almost as strong as her desire to burrow under cozy blankets. Her joy is contagious, especially when she’s munching on her favorite treats or playfully exploring her surroundings. Nutmeg’s biggest wish is to find a home with a resident guinea pig companion; she believes that sharing her days with a friend will make every moment even more special. If you’re ready to open your heart to this lovable furry friend and witness the magic of Nutmeg’s charming personality, consider making her a part of your family. Your home will undoubtedly be filled with laughter, warmth, and the sweet melody of Nutmeg’s heartwarming squeaks.

Do you think you could be Nutmeg’s person? Here’s how to find out:

Submit an online application and staff will contact the first suitable adopter to set-up a visit! Kindly note that due to the high number of applications and the availability of walk-in adoptions an online applicant would have to be available to come in for a meet within 24 hrs.

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