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Meet Honey

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Meet Honey! Honey’s journey hasn’t been as sweet as her name suggests. This little bearded dragon had a rocky start to life with improper care, but now she’s ready to turn over a new leaf and find her forever home where she can thrive.

Despite her rough beginnings, Honey is a resilient and charming reptile. You’ll often find her exploring her enclosure, basking under her heat lamp, and occasionally giving you a curious sideways glance. She has also turned out to be a big fan of snuggles with humans!

Honey needs a little extra love and attention to help her fully recover from her previous living conditions. She’s currently carrying a few extra grams that need to be shed, but with proper care and a balanced diet, she’ll be on her way to a healthier weight in no time.

This sweet dragon is not currently housed at the Victoria shelter, but is in a loving and experienced foster home receiving the care and attention she deserves. Honey’s new home will need to have just as high standards of care to be approved for adoption.

Care Requirements:
– A spacious enclosure with a hot basking area and a cool zone for temperature regulation.
– a variety of proper substrates and tank décor
– Proper UVB lighting to support her bone health.
– A diet consisting of fresh vegetables, insects, and occasional fruits, tailored to her specific dietary needs.
– Regular handling and socialization to build trust and confidence.
– Veterinary check-ups to monitor her progress and ensure she continues to thrive.

Are you ready to provide Honey with the loving forever home she deserves? If you’re an experienced reptile enthusiast looking to make a difference in the life of this special dragon, please consider adopting Honey today. Together, you can embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and a bond that will last a lifetime.

Please email the Victoria shelter for a reptile specific application:

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About Me

  • Days in care: 91
  • Approximate age: 1 year old
  • Pet Type: Reptile — Exotic
  • Breed: Bearded Dragon
  • Colour: Yellow / Brown
  • Weight: 0.588 kg
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: BC SPCA Victoria, Victoria B.C.
  • Animal ID: 578217
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