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Meet Brynn

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*BONDED with Bear #579127

Meet the dynamic duo, Brynn and her dear friend Bear. These two bunnies come as a package deal and have a unique bond that’s impossible to overlook. Brynn and Bear are gentle souls who love nothing more than to cozy up to one another. While they may initially be a bit timid, with patience and love, they are sure to become exceptional companions.


Brynn is a gentle and loving bunny with a soft and charming personality. She enjoys snuggling with Bear and is happiest when she’s by her side.
She might be a bit shy at first, but her heart is full of warmth and affection. With time, she’ll grow to trust and adore her human companions.


Bear is Brynn’s loyal and dear friend. Just like her, she can be a little reserved initially, but the bond between these two bunnies is heartwarming.
She thrives in Brynn’s company and enjoys the comfort of their friendship. Over time, she’s likely to embrace her human family with a loving heart.

Companionship: Brynn and Bear’s bond is a testament to the strong connections that rabbits can form with one another. These two lovely bunnies have a unique friendship that will undoubtedly bring joy and sweetness to your home.

If you’re looking for a pair of bunnies who may take a little time to warm up to you but will reward your patience with their love and companionship, Brynn and Bear are the ideal choice. They are a package of double the love and double the charm, ready to hop into your life.

For more information on how you can give Brynn and Bear a loving forever home, please reach out to us. These endearing bunnies are waiting to become a part of your family, and with time, their trust and affection will surely grow.

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