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*BONDED with Brynn #579122*

Meet Bear, the lovely lop-eared rabbit with a unique grey and white spotted coat. This gentle female rabbit has a slightly timid disposition, but with patience and care, she may slowly open up to become a wonderful addition to your family.

Appearance: Bear is a true beauty with her lop ears and distinctive grey and white spotted fur. Her unique markings make her stand out, and her soft, fluffy coat is perfect for gentle strokes.

Personality: Bear is a bit timid at first, but beneath her initial shyness, she holds a heart full of potential. With time, patience, and a loving environment, she may gradually open up and reveal her affectionate side. Her quiet nature adds to her unique charm.

If you’re seeking a rabbit who may take a little time to build trust but will be a rewarding companion in the end, Bear could be the perfect choice. With your love and care, she may slowly blossom into a devoted member of your family.

To learn more about Bear and how you can provide her with a loving forever home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Bear is ready to become your loyal and endearing companion, with a bit of time and understanding.

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