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Meet Estelle, a delightful rabbit with a heart so sweet! Estelle is a true gem, and she has a particular fondness for veggies. She’s a litter-trained rabbit who may require a little time to adjust to new surroundings, but her loving nature makes her an incredible addition to any family.

Personality: Estelle is exceptionally sweet and gentle. She radiates warmth and affection, which she’s ready to share with her new family. Her love for veggies is just one of the many ways she expresses her endearing personality.

Litter Trained: Estelle is already accustomed to using a litter box, making her an easy and tidy pet to have around. Her cleanliness is just another one of her wonderful qualities.

Adjustment Time: While Estelle may need a bit of time to feel comfortable in new surroundings, her love for her family will surely overcome any initial shyness. With your patience and support, she will gradually open up and become a devoted companion.

If you’re seeking a rabbit with a heart full of sweetness and a taste for veggies, Estelle is the ideal choice. Her litter-trained habits and loving nature make her a wonderful addition to any home.

To learn more about Estelle and how you can provide her with a loving forever home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Estelle is ready to become your cherished companion, and with your care, she’ll flourish in her new surroundings and bring joy into your life.

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