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Sweet baby blue Bondi.

This birdy boy is a beautiful tropical blue and will have you dreaming of a tropical oasis during the grey months of the year.

Bondi is the bird in the front of this picture. He is a beautiful bright blue with black strips up his back. Bondi loves millet and exploring his new cage toys. The birds came in together as a group of 7 and we have separated the group into males and females. Bondi is in a the process of adjusting to his new arrangement and is a bit flighty in shelter (all these changes at once can be tough).

He would like to find a family who will help him get more use to human hands. Currently, he finds them quite suspicious, but we are confident that as a young bird he has the potential to become hand-tamed and more people friendly.

While Bondi is a very young bird, did you know that budgies can live to be 15 years old? Bondi would love to find a home/flock who will love him for his entire life. Unfortunately, on average, pet birds will be re-homed 7 times in their life span- which can be very stressful on these smart and social birds. Bondi can’t wait to learn all the tricks with his new forever flock!

Please consider applying for more than one bird from this flock. In the wild budgies live in flocks of 3-100. These social birds love company! They promise to keep your home cheerful with all their songs and silly bird antics!

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