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Meet Purrcy – Bonded With Pusheen

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Are you ready to open your heart and home to two friendly senior brothers? Meet Purrcy and Pusheen, a delightful duo of 13-year-old cats who have found themselves in need of a calm and loving forever home.

Both Purrcy and Pusheen are sweet boys, but their changing circumstance at their age has made them a bit apprehensive. They long for a tranquil and affectionate environment where they can thrive. These two soulmates share a special bond that provides them with comfort and support as they navigate life’s uncertainties together.

By welcoming Purrcy and Pusheen into your home, you’re not only giving them a loving sanctuary to call their own but also the promise of a lifetime filled with gentle companionship and endless affection. These senior cats deserve the peace and love of a forever family that will cherish them in their golden years. 🏡💕

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Are you ready to adopt Purrcy – Bonded With Pusheen?

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