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Meet Feta – Adoption Pending

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Meet Feta, an enchanting 6-month-old female rat, eagerly seeking her forever home alongside her cherished sister, Olive. Feta’s loving nature shines through as she joins Olive in snuggling on shoulders, creating heartwarming moments of affection. Their bond is unbreakable, and they come as a delightful pair for those considering adoption.

Feta is a smart little rat, quick to learn and eager to please, especially when there are treats involved. Her intelligence and enthusiasm for training make her an ideal companion for anyone looking to engage with a clever and affectionate pet.

Feta is ready to embark on a new journey in a loving home where she can continue to thrive with her sister by her side. If you’re seeking a smart, loving, and adorable rat to welcome into your life, Feta is the perfect choice. Provide her with the forever home she deserves, and you’ll be rewarded with boundless affection and companionship.

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