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Meet Luna

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Introducing Luna, an enchanting rabbit with a heart full of sweetness and a spirit of adventure. Luna, who has previously been a nurturing mother, is now ready to find her own loving forever home. Here’s a small adoption write-up for this delightful bunny:

Luna is a remarkable rabbit with a captivating personality and a love for exploration. Her previous experience as a mother has instilled in her a caring and nurturing nature. As she embarks on her next chapter, she seeks a special family who will provide her with the love and attention she deserves.

This sweet bunny’s curiosity knows no bounds. Luna is always eager to hop around, sniff out new scents, and discover hidden treasures. Her exploratory nature will keep you entertained as you watch her navigate her surroundings with grace and curiosity.

Despite her adventurous spirit, Luna has a heart full of gentleness and affection. Her sweet nature will quickly win you over, as she enjoys gentle strokes, snuggles, and quality bonding time with her human companions.

As a responsible adopter, you’ll need to provide Luna with a secure and comfortable living environment that allows her to express her natural behaviors. Along with a well-balanced diet of fresh hay, vegetables, and rabbit pellets, regular veterinary care and mental stimulation will contribute to Luna’s overall well-being.

If you’re searching for a sweet and adventurous companion, Luna is the perfect match. Her loving and inquisitive nature will bring joy and laughter to your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer Luna the forever home she deserves, where she can continue to explore, be showered with affection, and create beautiful memories with her new family.

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About Me

  • Days in care: 123
  • Approximate age: 1 year old
  • Pet Type: Rabbit
  • Breed: Californian Dwarf
  • Colour: Brown / White
  • Weight: 2.2454 kg
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: BC SPCA Vancouver, Vancouver B.C.
  • Animal ID: 571323
  • Bonded With: Belle
  • Rabbit Care: Items you'll need
  • Spay or neuter surgery is included with the adoption of all dogs, cats and rabbits.
  • Adoption fees


Important: The history and compatibility of an animal is not always known. If certain compatibility criteria have been identified, they will be listed here or in the animal's description.

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