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Meet Sunny (bonded To Aubrey)

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Aubrey and Sunny lived as solo rabbits when they came to us – however after being here with us for a couple weeks they kept breaking in to be with each other. It was very clear that Sunny and Aubrey have a connection they want to have forever!

Sunny is a delightful rabbit who radiates joy. With her playful nature and love for comfortable spots, Sunny will brighten your days with her “sunny” disposition. She possesses exceptional patience when it comes to human attention, making her a great companion for those seeking a loving and interactive rabbit.

Sunny’s playful spirit is infectious, and she will win you over with her energetic nature. She is always ready for a game of chase, exploring new toys, or engaging in playful activities. Digging is one of Sunny’s favorite activities, and she delights in finding cozy spots to relax and unwind.

Sunny’s energy and enthusiasm for playtime are boundless. She loves to hop, zoom, and engage in games that stimulate her mind and body. Digging is a natural behavior for rabbits, and providing her with a designated digging area filled with safe materials will keep her happy and satisfied. Sunny will benefit from a spacious enclosure that allows her to indulge in her playful nature.

Do you think you could be Aubrey and Sunny’s forever home?

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