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Meet Aubrey (bonded To Sunny)

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Aubrey and Sunny lived as solo rabbits when they came to us – however after being here with us for a couple weeks they kept breaking in to be with each other. It was very clear that Sunny and Aubrey have a connection they want to have forever!

Meet Aubrey, an adorable small black bunny with a charming personality. Despite his petite size, Aubrey is bursting with energy and loves exploring his surroundings. He’s a playful and curious little bunny who will keep you entertained with his antics.

Aubrey is an independent bunny who values his freedom. He’s not particularly fond of being held or cuddled, but he will certainly show you his affection in other ways. When you approach his enclosure, you’ll see him running up to you with excitement, ready to discover new toys or treats.

Aubrey would thrive in a home with experienced rabbit owners who understand his need for independence. He prefers an environment where he can follow his own instincts and explore at his own pace. A calm and quiet household would be beneficial for Aubrey since he can be a bit shy in unfamiliar surroundings.

Do you think you could be Sunny and Aubrey’s forever home?

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