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Hamsters don’t often come to mind when thinking of a rescue pet, but even little guys like Einstein need love. Einstein was found on someone’s porch step curled up in a ball looking a little rough and in need of love. They immediately brought him to the SPCA for care. Einstein looks much better after some food, water and a clean place to rest. Like most hamsters who are nocturnal, Einstein sleeps a lot during the day. However, he does enjoy rolling around in his little exercise ball sometimes or run in his exercise wheel. He is gentle and easy to handle. His favorite thing to do is burrow deep down into his pile of fluff and make a nice, cozy nest for himself. He is a fairly quiet guy just looking for a home to call his own. Adopters should show knowledge of proper Hamster care and set up so Einstein can have a good diet and plenty of enrichment to keep him happy and healthy.

Does Einstein sound like the pet for you? To apply, please fill out an application form below and send to along with a picture of your intended set up. As with all small animals and reptiles, we strongly encourage potential adopters to do some research on the individual needs of their new family member.

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