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Meet Pippi

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Guess what?! Pippi & Clover are looking for their newest piggy adventure!

These two sweet sisters have very different personalities with Pippi being the cheeky, super confident one and Clover being the more reserved, quietier GP of the two. These sisters are two peas in a pod and compliment eachother well!

Pippi is all sass, and she’s not at all above hollering at you when she’s decided it’s time for her next salad or snack. She may be a GP diva… but we’re kinda here for it. No, listen. This gal has one heck of a GP hair toss 😆 Pippi is really great at solving foodie puzzles, she’s inquisitive, and has phenomenal hearing when it comes to bowls clanking, fridges opening, or the sound of a produce bag HA.

We think Clover may be the brains of the two, I mean she’s watchful, not a risk taker, and sure surveys the scene. That being said, Clover is quite affectionate with not only Pippi but people once she gets to know you. She loves head pats, tunnels, and fleece GP snuggle sacks. She’ll happily be your Netflix binge buddy any day.

If you’re looking for the best pair of GPs around Pippi & Clover are the gals for you! Give us a call at 604.485.9252 or email us at (insert non-existent GP emoji here 🙃)

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