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Meet Corny Boi

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Corny Boi came into our care as a stray found in someones front garden, we actually don’t know if he’s a boy or a girl, but Corny Boi suits him!

Because he came in as a stray we’re also guessing his age. He is in a foster home with one of our staff members who has some experience with snakes. They believe Corny Boi isn’t young due to his size, but seems to be a tad skinny for his size and when stretched out Corny Boi can reach just over 3 feet.

We have been in touch with a vet in regards to any health concerns we should have, they believe other than being a bit under weight, he seems happy and healthy.

We are looking for a snake experienced home for this guy (or girl). If interested please call our office at 250 723 5269, or email at

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