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Meet Snoop Pig

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Meet Biggie and Snoop!

This duo came to us a short time ago, and have already made great improvements! They are slowly getting used to their litterboxes, and we are sure in no time will have it down pat! They LOVE fresh veggies and would be so greatful for a home that can offer them lots of yummy treats!
These two also love their hay, and can often be found in the middle of a hay pile, having the best time! They had arrived to us in seperate cages, but with some supervised introductions these two are getting along just fine and seem to love the company. We think in a home where they can have lots of space they would still be perfectly fine with staying together!
We aren’t entirely sure of their complete history, but they do seem to really enjoy being held and having people be social with them. They are very curious of us and we think with a little time and lots of love these fellas will be your new BFFS!

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