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Introducing Quaker and Oats! This bonded pair of brothers are as sweet as it gets! They do their best at showing people how much they love you by greeting you as soon as you enter the room. Quaker and Oats spend majority of their time together or as close as possible in the same room. Quaker and Oats are indoor kitties and would love to keep it that way in their next home. They enjoy spending time on their cat posts, lounging in beds, rolling in catnip, and being doted on by their people. These two boys love their food…so much so they can often eat too quick and get a bit sick. They are currently eating soaked kibbles in slow feeders and it has worked very well for them! Quaker and Oats are two very special boys who will make wonderful companions for people in their new family ♥

Oats is awaiting his dental surgery happening later on this month!

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