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Meet Libra! Libra has a heart of gold and is such a sweetheart! She was surrendered as she wasn’t getting the attention she needed. Libra enjoys seeing the world from above in the human hand and LOVES snuggles. Her favourite spot is her yellow hidey box, you will always know where to find her! Libra enjoys light walking on her exercise wheel, long naps with all her snacks and is always happy for human company. You know Libra is done exploring her enclosure when she has the biggest cheeks ever! Hamsters require large, stimulating enclosures that they can explore, burrow and play in. Potential adopters should they do their research to insure they can provide the lifestyle these tiny but unique creatures require. If you think Libra would make a good match to your home then please follow the steps below.

*Please Note: We do require photos and dimensions of the enclosure you plan to house Libra*

1. Submit an application:
2. Staff will contact you to set-up an appointment to come in for a visit!

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