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Meet Dusky, this amazing Bearded Dragon came into our care with another reptile after an unfortunate classroom pet incident occurred. Luckily a good Samaritan and fellow reptile enthusiast recognized these 2 reptiles were not receiving proper care and followed to proper avenues to save their lives.
Dusky was so poorly taken care of that she lost most of her tail and had painful sores in her mouth. Luckily a specialized reptile veterinarian was able to make a plan to get Dusky back up to health.
You wouldn’t know Dusky had such a rocky past with how friendly, curious and active this sweet girl is. Like all Beardies Dusky is inquisitive and enjoys exploring her enclosure, trying new salads and basking in the heat. Dusky is ready to be spoiled and treated like the queen of her castle now. If you think this is the gal for you please email or call the Shuswap SPCA for further information.

Please note the BCSPCA has strict policies in place regarding the adoption and housing of exotic animals. These include some of the following non-negotiable must haves for homes to be considered for adoption:

-Dusky will require an experienced guardian who has knowledge about Bearded Dragons and their unique husbandry requirements
-Like all reptiles, Dusky will require a large, stimulating enclosure to insure she is physically and mentally stimulated. Photos and measurements of the enclosure will be required prior to a meet and greet being made.

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