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Meet Isabella *bonded To Zoë & Olivia*

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Meet Isabella.

Isabella is easily the most vocal of the three. You’ll often hear her telling Zoe or Olivia to leave her alone, or protesting if Olivia has decided that Isabella’s shelter actually belongs to her. Isabella is also much smaller than the two, although this doesn’t stop her from showing Zoe who is boss from time to time. Isabella is also very nervous, if she hides whenever you enter the room and refuses to accept food from your hand, don’t take it personally. It may take her some time to warm up to you; and even once she gets to know you she may not be open to social calls. Isabella is also extremely quick, and so if you need to pick her up for health reasons, using some kind of shelter that can be picked up is highly recommended. Also, if you do ever take her out on her own, giving her a place to hide will make her much more comfortable.

Isabella is not as food motivated as the other two and due to her size will often get outcompeted. As a result, feeding Isabella separately and even physically separating her during mealtimes is a good way to make sure she eats normally. Weighing Isabella (and the other two) is a good way of keeping track of this. Isabella can also be quite loud, and this can be a problem at night time. No one likes being woken up at 2am by a noisy guinea pig! If this is a problem for you, you may want to separate Isabella from the others overnight as well.

Group Likes:
– Spending time with each other
– Being talked to, especially when being approached
– Sniffing fingers
– Fresh vegetables, water and hay
– A clean cage
– Lots of safe hiding places
– Consistent routines
– Shedding
– Pooping on the hay they are supposed to be eating

– Being separated from each other (even if sometimes it is necessary)
– Being picked up
– Loud noises
– Sudden movements
– Being chased
– Cold temperatures

List of fresh veggies they will eat:
– Lettuce
– Carrots/Tops
– Spinach
– Celery
– Cucumber
– Bell pepper
– Kale
– Broccoli

Veggies they don’t like:
– Cabbage (Green)
– Peas (snow and snap)
– Green beans
– Zucchini (yellow and green)
– Tomatoes (roma and field)

Zoe, Isabella, and Olivia are looking for a home together that will provide them with a big enclosure, yummy food, and all the chin scratches their hearts desire. If you think you can provide a loving home for these beautiful ladies, send the following application to this email:

Application link:

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