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Introducing Splash! He is an interesting colour of beige with mottled grey across his back. He loves to run on his wheel, but he also seems to use it as a fidget if he is nervous. As with many mice, he is fearful of being picked up and is quick to leap out of your hand so any handling needs to be over soft bedding. He he will take his favourite treats, Rice Krispies, from your fingers. He is curious though, so with a consistent, gentle and patient approach he will likely become quite interactive – did you know that when mice are comfortable with you they sometimes like to play a chase and tag game with your hand? Let him take his time, and Splash will eventually consider you his best friend.
Male mice can’t be housed together as they will fight. Therefore it is especially important to provide them with an interesting enclosure with lots of enriching play items to keep them occupied. To learn more about mice please look here:

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