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Meet Peter Bonded To Stash

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Peter and Stash are looking for their new place to live out their days in bunny paradise.

These two have been under socialized and will need to continue learning how to be social with people and how to trust. They are hoping for a patient guardian to give them time to decompress.
Luckily, both buns are very food motivated and you can absolutely use this to your advantage when bonding. Food pellets are on the same level as veg to them so this will be very easy to keep them healthy while undergoing socialization.

Peter has a lovely personality just waiting to show itself once he gets more comfortable. He is currently relying on Stash as a safety net to let him know when it’s okay to come hang out, but he will get there – he wouldn’t be able to resist all the yummy food we have to offer.
Due to their timid nature and their utmost cleanliness, they would do great as house bunnies in a quiet environment.

Peter loves his sister more than anything, along with a big cozy bed and his snacks he’ll want for nothing.

If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair please fill out the application found online and feel free to contact the branch directly at 250 723 5269

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