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Meet Mo (21) W/ Jem

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Meet Mo.

Mo came to us from an environment where he was housed with many other animals in quite close quarters. Mo is nervous in new environments. Once he has sometime to adjust to his surroundings he is a sweet and outgoing guy. He loves to get pets and chin scritches. He enjoys knocking toys off cat towers and playing with wand toys. While he doesn’t like to snuggle or play with other cats he does get along with cats that give him his own space. When he isn’t getting pet or playing with toys he loves to lounge in a comfy bed or sprawl out on a cat tower.

Since Mo has come into care at the Surrey branch, we noticed some budding “puppy” love between Mo and Jem who came from the same house, and very shortly it became clear how smitten they are with each other. Mo seems to love having the gorgeous Jem around, and Jem went from hiding away in fear to following Mo and wanting to be around him all the time! As such, we are looking for a special home to adopt Mo and Jem together!

If Mo sounds like the perfect addition to your home submit an adoption application.

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