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Mama and her buddies need a home of their own! Mama came into care in July 2021 with her friends Inky (ID#503242), Timbit (ID#503243) and Charles (ID#503245). These pigs were all very overweight which limited their hearing and vision, had overgrown hooves and tusks, and were very itchy from mites. Since then Mama and her buddies have been working on losing weight and becoming comfortable around people, doing lots of enrichment activities and positive reinforcement training!

Mama was unfortunately in the worst shape of the group when she came to us. Her obesity made it hard for her to even stand up, but once she lost a bit of weight and got her hooves trimmed things started to turn around! Mama still has a bit of difficulty moving about but she now loves go for little walks outside and sniff and root around. While her vision and hearing have been negatively impacted by her obesity she is regaining her sight and hearing, and she has an amazing nose and loves to use it to search out interesting smells – enrichment forage boxes with lavender leaves hidden inside are her favourite! Mama is also the matriarch of this little piggie family – everyone else absolutely loves to come and snuggle with her, an activity she excels at!

This spring, Mama started joining her friends for outside jaunts around the barn yard and she is getting more and more active every day. She has become much more interactive and social with people, and once you gain her trust she loves some scratches and attention. We are currently working on getting her used to leg and foot handling for hoof trims and she’s progressing well!

Mama and her friends all live together currently and would like to be adopted as a group so they can be together in their new home too! However, we could potentially look at adopting the out in pairs (Mama & Timbit, and Inky & Charles) to the right homes.

These pigs will need a guardian who can continue their weight loss journey with them, and continue to work with them to further gain confidence around people. These pigs will really thrive when they find their person and home to call their own. They are incredibly smart and curious!

If you are interested in giving these pigs a home, please fill out an adoption application at:

Please ensure that your municipality allows you to have pigs and that you have appropriate indoor and outdoor space and fencing for pigs. These pigs are very clean and currently live in a stall with outdoor access during the day, which they thoroughly enjoy when the weather is good! They prefer to do their business outside, but overnight they have a “litterbox” area of shavings away from their straw nest where they go when nature calls.

Not sure if you’re ready to adopt a pig? Check out our article “12 Things to know before adopting a mini pig”:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

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