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Meet Jem (27) W/ Mo

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Bright eyes, burning like fire.

Meet Jem! Jem came to us along with over 120 of her family mates from Prince George, and is now looking for her forever home.

When she came in to our care, one of Jem’s eyes was non-functional and after seeing a veterinary eye specialist was removed to improve her quality of life. Now Jem is looking for a nice quiet home to rest, recover and build a trusting relationship with people.

Jem is unfortunately somewhat shy and undersocialized, and will take time and patience to come around. She loves her food and she has also shown some positive response to pets; but she will likely need lots of patience and love before she comes all the way around. That said, Jem is a playful cat and loves to run around the room chasing toys. We’re starting to notice that when we engage her in play she gets a lot bolder, stepping out of her comfort zone.

Recently, we had another cat from the same household transferred to us named Mo. When he first came in, we noticed some budding “puppy” love between Mo and Jem, and very shortly it became clear how smitten they are with each other. Mo seems to love having the gorgeous Jem around, and Jem went from hiding away in fear to following Mo and wanting to be around him all the time! As such, we are looking for a special home to adopt Mo and Jem together!

If you are interested in adopting Jem, please apply to the Surrey SPCA today!

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