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Greta is looking for someone to be her human and give her a forever home! Greta came into care with four other pigs (Mama, ID# 503242; Timbit, ID# 503243; Inky, ID# 503242; and Charles, ID# 503245) but wasn’t getting along with them super well at first. Her best friend in her previous home had unfortunately already been rehomed separately, so she was a little depressed when she came into care. She also had overgrown hooves and tusks and was very itchy from mites. She was highly wary of humans at first, but once she settled in here she began to come out of her shell. We’ve done lots of positive reinforcement and enrichment with her, and she’s really taken to clicker training! It has taken time but Greta is slowly learning that humans can be great friends! Greta is older and thus less active than some pigs, but she has a lovely gentle personality and is always a delight to be around. She can be sensitive to cold and appreciates a big warm straw bed with cozy blankets when it’s chilly out, but when the weather is warm she absolutely adores being outside; sunbathing in the summer is her favourite! Greta will need an experienced guardian who can continue working to earn her trust, and care for her throughout her golden years. She has been through a lot and can’t wait to finally find her forever home!

There is a possibility to adopt Greta along with her neighbours Mama (ID# 503242), Timbit (ID# 503243), Inky (ID# 503242), and Charles (ID# 503245). They lived together in previous home but have been housed separately (but sharing a fence) in our care so would need to be separated at first in their new home and then slowly reintroduced to each other. Greta is up to date on hoof and tusk trims as well as treatment for mites.

Are you interesting in giving Greta her forever home? Please fill out an adoption application at:

Please ensure that your municipality allows you to have pigs and that you have appropriate indoor and outdoor space and fencing for pigs. These pigs are very clean and currently live in a stall with outdoor access during the day, which they thoroughly enjoy when the weather is good! They prefer to do their business outside, but overnight they have a “litterbox” area of shavings away from their straw nest where they go when nature calls.

Not sure if you’re ready to adopt a pig? Check out our article “12 Things to know before adopting a mini pig”:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

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