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Scotch; because you know you like it neat.

Scotch is a beautiful and (generally) luscious orange tabby, who is currently rockin’ the peach fuzz looks. This fuzzy boy is on the prowl for his forever home, where he can strut his stuff and be his bodacious self. Scotch is looking for a home where he can get all the loving, all the time.

Being the overly affectionate boy he is, he also comes with a bout of sass and cattitude. Scotch is an outgoing guy who knows what he wants, and exactly how he can get it. With his charming looks and exquisite personality, he is quite the fella, and a great addition to a household looking for love and laughs. His name matches him nicely, as a classy and timeless good-time. Both social and independent, Scotch is a winner.

Upon coming into care, Scotch had quite the wound under his armpit, and had some matting (hence the previously mentioned peach fuzz). He has healed up great, but is now dealing with his new diagnoses of cat asthma. This doesn’t seem to effect him greatly, but occasionally he gets a cough from the irritation on his lungs and has to go on a course of steroids. To avoid flare ups, Scotch needs dust free litter, a smoke free environment, and would do best indoors only so he doesn’t over exert himself. Scotch is amazing at taking his pills when needed, and we have already found what works best for him.

What he needs now, is someone to share his life and love with! Scotch doesn’t want you to know this, but he looovves to be carried around on his back like a baby. He also gives the best hugs! He has an enlarged heart, but we believe it’s due to all the sweetness he’s holding inside.

What do you say? Apply for Scotch today!

Scotch, n/male, 2 years, ID# 544660

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