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Meet Jasper – Bonded To Emmett

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This dynamic duo is looking for the most special home to fulfill their every need.
Jasper is the calmer of the two, and is often found curled up into a rather large ball. He loves food and his snacks, but being a big boy already he does have to watch just how much he gets.
They are both very friendly and are perfect gentlemen when being picked up and handled (unless they think your finger is a carrot) and are used to getting out for cuddle time on the couch in their previous home so they will expect lots of attention!
The boys came into our care a little under the weather and are currently being treated for upper respiratory with oral antibiotics, which will likely be a continued treatment for them on and off and should remain as a tight knit duo so they don’t spread anything to other rat friends.
Stress is a huge factor for this for them, so it’s important to keep these guys as happy as possible to remain healthy.

If you are interested in Emmett and Jasper or would like to know more, please fill out an application (link below) and feel free to contact the branch directly at 250-723-5269

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