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Meet Slimer Bonded To Anistasia

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An adoption counseling session with our Adoption Staff is necessary before adopting this animal. Slimer and his sister Anastasia were exposed to the potentially deadly CALICI VIRUS as newborns on the street 🙁 They are the only surviving kittens from their litter 🙁 They will remain contagious to other cats and should be housed ONLY with other calici positive cats. Calici positive cats will most often have a long life with minimal health concerns. HOWEVER, adopters of calici positive cats MUST be prepared for yearly exams/vaccinations (to boost immune) and possible sporadic medications to manage flare ups of the symptoms. It is strongly suggested that you research the medical condition prior to considering adoption.

If that didn’t scare you off…. Slimer is energetic and fun loving. Anything is a toy to this boy; be it the dogs tail, toilet paper rolls, milk caps, you name it he’s investigated it! He loves to run and will play for hours with wand toys – leaping into the air like a master hunter. Slimer is snugly and affectionate and likes to come climb on your chest and rest in the nook of your neck when it’s time for some Z’s. He is fearless around cats and dogs, but a bit hesitant around small loud children.

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