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Meet Potato

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Watson and Potato are best buds and love hanging out with each other but also like exploring so a larger enclosure would be best.

These two handsome friendly fellows are interior designers at heart and will often rearrange their hidey huts around their enclosure.

Their top-five snack choices are parsley, cilantro, romaine, carrots and cucumbers but are happy with almost any vegetable that is offered! They both prefer to drink water from the water bottle rather than a water bowl. A sturdy food bowl would be a good idea as they will often tip it over.

Potato loves to snuggle and watch tv on your lap and will become vocal and wiggly when he’s ready to go to the bathroom! Watson loves to snuggle with you while he munches on a snack and will give your clothes a tug when it’s time to head back for a bathroom break. Both boys love to explore around the house!

Watson has been dealing with a crusty eye, which is a result of not being able to create tears. But that’s no reason to cry! He just needs eye lubrication (3 times a day!) as well as careful monitoring of the eye to ensure it doesn’t bother him. A warm wet cloth works great to loosen up his eye discharge from the corner of his eye. Watson can be very stealthy at flinging the lubrication eye gel away the exact second you drop it into his eye so a good forehead scratch and one of his favourite vegetables infront of him while you dab it onto his eye works best. Watson will need to remain on eye medication for life.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from us! Due to the high number of applications we receive for our animals, we will only be contacting potential adopters to further review their application.

Please note, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic our adoption process has changed. Please visit our website for more information and to apply for the animal you are interested in. All adoptions are by appointment only once we have received and approved an application.

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