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Meet Koala – Bonded To Spirit

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Meet Koala and Spirit! These lovable bunnies are looking for a furever home together. Koala and Spirit are in search of a quiet home free of other pets, where they can be the center of attention. A guardian with previous house bunny experience would be ideal for this pair. Due to Koala and spirit’s reserved nature, they would be best suited to a home without young children. Once settled, Koala and Spirit are inquisitive rabbits who love to spend all of their time together. Like most rabbits, Koala and Spirit love to chew and dig! They are happiest when socialized with on their level as they find getting picked up a bit frightening.

Spirit and Koala’s foster had this to say about this duo: “Koala is more adventurous of the pair, being the first one to leave their corner when first coming here. Despite this, he enjoys spending time by himself, preferring under furniture than out in the open. He prefers apples, kale, and cilantro. He puts up with pets for only a little while. He found the hidey hole under my bed which other rabbits would love to sleep in, but he is more energetic and noisy in the middle of the night and would run around or gnaw under the bed, so I’ve revoked his bedroom privileges and put the cage around them when I go to sleep so he doesn’t try to chew by the door.

Spirit is more shy, hiding in the rabbit houses for the first two weeks. After moving her around the house, she finally livened up, being more human-social and willing to lay around for pets. She prefers kale, and parsley.

Neither like being picked up, but an interesting characteristic I found is they enjoy sitting on the couch with me. They both chew my baseboards and he has tried chewing a couple small wires, but they leave large wires alone. They drink out of a dish, and she’s 100% litter box trained, whereas he’s only litter box trained to pee in the bin – he will still poop outside of the bin, though that’s not a big deal.”

Thank you for your interest in adopting from us! Due to the high number of applications we receive for our animals, we will only be contacting potential adopters to further review their application.

Please note, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic our adoption process has changed. Please visit our website for more information and to apply for the animal you are interested in. All adoptions are by appointment only once we have received and approved an application.

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