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Six incredible rats came to us from a galaxy far, far away.
Each of them special and unique in their own way.
These 6 boys, Hoth, Jakku, Endor, Naboo, Mandalore
and Yavin would love to find a new star-system
to live in as either pairs or trios. Unfortunately, their
story has been a sad tale, and they are looking to be
spoiled by those who know the ways of the good side.
They are ready for A New Hope, and to find their forever
homes. Their future Jedi master should be aware that
all 6 are recovering from upper respiratory infections and
will need to be monitored at home. Despite their run-in
with the Dark Side, these boys are lovely and are becoming
more and more social. If you have been searching the
galaxy for 2-3 new padawans, look no further!

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Important: The history and compatibility of an animal is not always known. If certain compatibility criteria have been identified, they will be listed here or in the animal's description.

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