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These little bunnies were found hiding in a field and they were lucky they were found! Bunnies make amazing pets when treated properly and are very social members of the household. They can live up to 15 years if cared for correctly and bond thickly with their companions. Would you be a good companion for these lovely bunnies?

Every morning we help them clean up their “room”, they are very clean little creatures and prefer a clean area. Once they get the hang of the litter, they will seek it out and make sure that their bunny business stays in their potty area. We give them fresh veggies and hay along with their usual pellets to make sure they stay healthy and their teeth stay trimmed. Like their nails, bunnies teeth don’t stop growing so they need chew blocks and other fun things to dig and chew on.

These baby bunnies are very loving and are looking for a special home to continue their care and socialization. These little ones are especially outgoing and have come a long way since they first came in. They come to greet us and enjoy making mischief with their toys, showing off their playful side with the staff members. They are doing well with being held and their potty training is almost complete!

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