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BFOSTER UPDATE: Hutch, Quincy and Colombo are the three left of our rat pack. They are currently in a home that was willing to work on their socialization skills. With the time and patience, the three of them are really showing their sweet sides and coming out of their shells. This trio are really bonded and hoping to finding the right home together.

More updates from the foster:
Hello! The babies are doing well!! Some updates:

I can pet them if they’re sleepy or eating and they won’t mind at all, they’re still wary about pets when they’re fully awake and not distracted though
I switch between two hammocks when one of them needs a wash and one of them is open with no pocket for them to burrow in and I was worried that they might not like being exposed but they will still sleep up there all the time and it’s easy to reach in and give them little pets :3
They’ll take food out of my hands and step onto my hands with their front paws sometimes to reach if it’s far away
They’ve come out of the cage and stood on the open latch to take food from me, and once Columbo half-stepped onto my leg with his front paws
They don’t flinch anymore when I reach into the cheerios box and make a loud crinkling noise!! They’re getting better with not flinching in general whenever anybody makes the slightest noise in the background too
I find Quincy and Hutch to be the ones that are the coolest with receiving pets, Columbo isn’t really a fan. my mom says that whenever she goes to see them Columbo is the most social with her though so maybe he just likes her more than me lol
In general they are really cool with me putting my hand in the cage, they’ll sniff and lick my hand and sometimes even brace their little paws on it, it’s only when I try to pet them that they’re still shy

***In order to protect the health of our staff, volunteers and members of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made changes to our adoption process.
1. View ‘Hutch’s’profile:
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3. Staff will contact you to set-up an appointment to come in for a visit!
❤️Thank you for continuing to help animals find loving new homes! This enables us to keep caring for new animals at risk, even with limited staffing.

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